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Cavernoma Alliance UK presents

Landscape of the Mind Art Sale

Due to popular demand, the art sale will continue online until the 30th of April, 2018

Buy an original piece of artwork, from well known, international, and local artists for just £75; helping the Cavernoma Community in return

Art with a Heart

Cavernoma Alliance UK’s inaugural Art Aale will take place during Brain Awareness week in 2018, and raise funds to support those with Cavernoma.

A special thank you to all our wonderful artists;

Katya Carrington – Anji Goddard – Carla Jane – Carolyn Nicholls – Catherine Grady – Cena Jovanovska – Christine Reigler – Claire Dominic – Daniel McFall – David Hardy – David Prescott – Felicity Baker – Graham Kemp – Inna Pavlecka-Tumarkin – Isabella Sainty – Jana Bergholtz –  Jeanette Pilpott – Jennifer Mills – Jessica Carson – Jessica Grady – Joanne Grady – Karin Fellner – Kerennza Gunns – Kirsty Saunders – Lisa Roberts – Liz Allen – Lucy Collins, Margaret Kuhn – Mat Chapman – Matilda Roberts – Megan Meir – Mishu Bogan – Nathalie Frost – Phillip Dunn – Roger Callow – Rose Marie Mattelaer – Roshan Abeysekera –  Sara Matthews – Sarah Leighton – Stephanie Barnes – Steve Everest – Steve Baker – Stewart Platt – Suzanne Longden – T. Carter Johnstone – Tamela Wagner – Tara Bentall -Tracy Evans – Trish Tailor – Victoria Butler – Vincent Chia – Wayne Wright – Willow Anastasiades

About Cavernoma and Cavernoma Alliance UK

A Cavernoma is a lesion, predominantly found in the brain or spine, which is made up of abnormal blood vessels. When these leak (bleed), they can cause stroke, seizures, surrounding brain/spine tissue damage, and even death.

Approximately 1 in 600 people are affected by this condition without even knowing about it. However, those with symptomatic cavernomas are rare. It’s estimated that 1 in 200,000 people are diagnosed with a symptomatic cavernoma every year, due to suffering from a stroke, seizure, or other neurological problems. Cavernomas can also be genetic, and therefore CAUK supports many children and young people with the condition – many of them with multiple cavernomas.

Cavernoma Alliance UK (CAUK) was founded in 2005 for those concerned their diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one failed to provide sufficient information about the condition. CAUK aims to address this lack of information by spreading awareness through its UK-wide CaverHubs (where clinicians talk directly to members), CaverBuddies (peer support), CaverCentres (local informal meetings), a CaverLine (for providing guidance, not medical information) and a Forum – CAUK’s flagship event where international clinicians update members on the latest developments in cavernoma.

The art sale, which has been organised by a small team of volunteers, aims to raise funds to support the cavernoma community through research and awareness raising, while also making art accessible to everyone –  with each piece listed at only £75!